Hamburg Port Authority

Port-Net is an Interreg IIIc Network project with 18 partners from 11 European countries and Russia. Port-Net is running from 2005 to 2010 (including addendum) and has a budget of 1.6 Mill €.

Port-Net’s objective is to identify and tackle the main challenges faced by European ports in order to create better operational structures and capacities and achieve the best possible regional integration of ports. These targets will be achieved through workshops, lectures and best practice tours at the locations of the partners as well as through external expertise and studies.

Three components group the activities by topics. The first component deals mainly with the application and further development of EU-policies. The second deals mainly with improvements of the multi-modal transport structure while the final component focuses on tourism and urban development from a port perspective.

Lead partner of Port-Net is the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg represented by Hamburg Port Authority. A democratic network structure guarantees equal involvement and a proper consideration of the interests of all partners. Project co-ordination is executed by Uniconsult, a port and transport consultancy from Hamburg.